Welcome to the NEW Website Format

Welcome to the new Ulysses Albury Wodonga website.  It is now using a FREE website portal called WordPress.

This means the new website address is ulyssesalburywodonga.wordpress.com  until the club approves payment for hosting the website.  When this happens the website can revert back to the former website address of ulyssessalburywodonga.org.au but using this wordpress style.  If the club want to leave it as a ‘free’ website they have to put up with the .wordpress.com suffix.

So, why the change?  The new format allows a number of select members access to the website to make updates instead of just the one person (ie Graham Wade).  The way it was, only Graham could make changes to the website.

At first he was putting a lot of time into adding information on the website.  For example, where information was given to him about a planned ride like say, the “Bridges Ride”, he would write a paragraph or two describing the ride and add an image to make each entry on the website more interesting.

However, this was time consuming and proving difficult to do as there was very little additional information provided by members for up-coming rides. Graham also has other interests, so the amount of time spent up-dating the website became limited.

Using the WordPress format several members can have access to the website, meaning up-date can be made more frequently.

Members can also make comments to any of the posts in the Latest Happening page whenever they like.  They don’t have to have access to the actual website, they just have to click on the “comment” link and they can leave their own comment.

Comments may not appear on the website straight away as they will be mediated and approved by those who have access to the website.  This way comments can be filtered and deleted if inappropriate.

You will notice there is a section on the right hand side for Flickr and/or Instagram Photos.  Once the club decides what photo sharing portal it wants to use, photos can be uploaded to here easily by people who have the portal access details.

Have a look through the new website and let the committee know what your thoughts are.  It is a website for the members on the Albury Wodonga Ulysses Club Inc..  You own it and it is only as good as your input.